New Evidence Found In JFK Assassination

( Here’s a story you probably weren’t expecting: we have fresh evidence in the case of the killing of President John F. Kennedy.

The author of “Collateral Damage”, Mark Shaw, is an expert in murder and a legal analyst, and claims that Robert F. Kennedy was responsible for the deaths of reporter Dorothy Kilgallen, Marilyn Monroe, and the former President John Kennedy.

The book theorized that Robert F. Kennedy was fearful that actress Marilyn Monroe would reveal her relationship with him, and so he orchestrated a plot to murder her. Then, when Robert Kennedy became attorney general, the mob murdered President Kennedy to put Robert Kennedy out of a job.

He claimed that the bottom line is that Bobby Kennedy didn’t shoot his brother or the president, but that JFK did die because of his “abuse of power.” He added that Robert Kennedy wasn’t technically an accomplice to the physical death of Marilyn, but that he was responsible because he solicited those who did kill her.

The book uses newly uncovered documents about the death, new interviews, and proposes an entirely new theory that is likely to get people talking…and debating. The death of President Kennedy has become a legend in American popular culture, with an entire industry forming around the tragedy.

This is a wild new theory and one that this report doesn’t do justice to. The book was published on June 1, which would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 95th birthday.

You can watch an interview with Mark Shaw discussing the book in the video below: