New Book Claims Maria Bartiromo Screamed at Bill Barr After Election

( Well, it looks like we know how former Trump attorney general William Barr spent the early days of his retirement. He was gossiping like a catty high school girl with ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl.

This week, Jonathan Karl’s anti-Trump book “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show” was released. It’s just one of the countless anti-Trump tomes to hit the bookstores this year. And from the looks of things, Bill Barr was one of Karl’s biggest sources of dirt.

In a teaser for the book in late June, the Atlantic published an excerpt in which Barr told his new friend Jonathan that Trump’s claim about voter fraud “was all bullsh*t.” Barr shared with Karl that it was Senator Mitch McConnell who urged him to speak out against Trump’s claims about the 2020 election. He also shared with Karl the inside scoop about how that conversation with President Trump went.

And this week, Business Insider offered up another bit of juicy Bill Barr gossip from Karl’s book, this time about Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.

The gossipy girl told Jonathan Karl that after the 2020 election, Maria Bartiromo called him to complain that the Justice Department wasn’t doing enough to look into President Trump’s claims about voter fraud.

And according to the catty high school girl, he and Bartiromo got into a yelling match. He told Karl that when Bartiromo called him “she was screaming.” So he yelled back at her, adding “She’s lost it.”

Karl tried to get Bartiromo’s side of the story for his book, but she refused to speak to him on the record. In an email statement to Business Insider, however, a Fox News spokesperson said that Bartiromo denied Bill Barr’s allegations. According to the email, Bartiromo said that it was William Barr, not she who was the aggressive one.