Network Of D.C. Groups Caught In Shady Practices

( According to National Pulse, the viciously left-leaning New York Daily News published a rare article by Grace Bydalek, a self-identified “Conservative.”

Even moderate right-wingers have difficulty gaining column space in national or regional newspapers, which is why the recent scathing column by Bydalek surprised readers. Her other appearance in the Daily News was to justify the cover-up of child assault allegations against Michael Jackson.

Bydalek, whose byline describes her as a writer, performer, and administrator, seems to enjoy the stage but has settled as a critic for the recently revived New York Sun. She is also the “manager” of the “Dissident Project.”  At first glance, it appears to be perfect for an edgy writer.

According to the report, The Dissident Project purports to be a platform for activists who have fled their socialist or communist home countries in search of a better life in America. But it is just another cog in the recently resurgent Never Trump movement.

The Dissident Project is backed by corporate cash and long-standing opponents of the nationalist right. Bydalek’s second column for the Daily News trashed the “ultra MAGA” New York Young Republican Club (NYYRC), which celebrates its 110th anniversary gala in Manhattan this week. The focus of Bydalek’s attack on the NYYRC is the club’s early endorsement of President Donald J. Trump for 2024 and the 2022 Republican primary season.

Three months before Trump’s announcement in 2015, Bydalek posted a selfie with director Lin Manuel, who is best known for directing Hamilton’s rap adaptation and telling Trump that he was going to hell.

Reports show Bydalek is consistent in her pseudo-conservatism, which makes even more sense when considering that her Dissident Project is merely an offshoot of another “Conservative Inc” organization called Young Voices.

Young Voices is directed by Casey Given, who describes his organization as a nonprofit public relations and talent agency for libertarians aged 18 to 35.

Understanding that organizations like Young Voices are frequently incubated within a cadre of corporate-libertarian networks in Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia clarifies the anti-Trump partisanship. The organization recently established a branch in the United Kingdom, promoting the same form of neoliberalism that led to the dismissal of Prime Minister Liz Truss from Downing Street within 45 days of her taking office.

The rest of this story is here. You will see how the Uniparty works to undermine Republicans and Conservatives and how the grifters operate.