Nearly 60% Of Voters Think “F Joe Biden” Is Ok

( As Democrats feign offense over Republicans using the phrase “F*ck Joe Biden” to express their anger at the president’s failure to maintain a strong economy, jobs figures, and inflation level, a poll has found that most Americans think it’s a perfectly legitimate way of protesting everything the Biden administration is doing.

Both the phrases “F*ck Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go, Brandon” – which mean precisely the same thing – have become widely adopted by Trump supporters, patriotic Americans more generally, and even college students at sports games in recent months.

A poll from the Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group has found that most likely voters are familiar with the chants, though interestingly, some 52.4% of Democrats claimed to be unfamiliar with them.

Yeah, right.

An easy majority of independents and Republicans said that they know about it.

When asked whether the chants are an “appropriate way to protest the Biden administration,” some 59% of respondents said that they are appropriate. Even a plurality of Democrats, some 46.2%, said that it’s entirely appropriate to use the chants.

It would be a hard one for Democrats to disagree with, frankly, given the profanities that they hurled at former President Donald Trump over the last five years.

Those who claimed that they had never heard the chants also agreed that they are appropriate forms of protest, with 44.3% saying that they are both appropriate. Some 38.6%, however, said that both chants are inappropriate.

Some 1,083 likely voters were polled in the survey between October 22 and 24.

And, just in case you weren’t familiar with the origins of “Let’s Go Brandon,” here it is in the clip below.

As you can see, the “F*ck Joe Biden” chant was mistaken by a reporter as “Let’s Go, Brandon.”