NBA Postpones Chicago Bulls Games After the Fully Vaccinated Team Suffers Covid Outbreak

( The National Basketball Association postponed multiple upcoming games for the Chicago Bulls after a number of players on the team tested positive for COVID-19.

This happened even though the team is reportedly fully vaccinated.

Over the weekend, Zach LaVine was first placed in the league’s health and safety protocols after testing positive. Then, on Monday, Alize Johnson joined him.

Thus far, 10 players on the Bulls team have been forced to enter the league’s health and safety protocols over the last two weeks. That’s in addition to some staff members and both broadcasters Bill Wennington and Stacey King tested positive as well.

According to the team and league, all Bulls players are fully vaccinated. Per the league’s COVID-19 rules, any player forced to enter the health and safety protocols who is fully vaccinated has to quarantine for 10 days, unless they produce two negative tests that happen 24 hours apart.

Tuesday and Thursday night’s Bulls games against the Detroit Pistons and Toronto Raptors, respectively, were cancelled as a result of the Bulls not being able to have enough players available. They mark the first two games of this season that the NBA has had to postpone because of the coronavirus.

Chicago will next return to the court on Sunday when they are scheduled to play the Los Angeles Lakers, unless, of course, the COVID-19 outbreak forces the game to be cancelled.

The NBA announced last week that more than 97% of all players in the league are fully vaccinated. Further, roughly 60% of those players have received a booster shot.

Nikola Vucevic, one of the stars on the Bulls who also tested positive last month, said that most of his team’s players had received a booster shot as well.

Luckily, many of the Bulls players are asymptomatic. Over the weekend, the team’s head coach, Billy Donovan, said:

“Maybe some of it’s from the vaccination. We’ve got a lot of guys sitting home with no symptoms. I understand the testing protocols, and I understand what the league’s trying to do in terms of keeping and making sure everybody’s safe.

“But we do have guys back there that feel fine. And that’s obviously a good thing, too, because I think when guys have gone through real, real difficulty of getting really, really sick, it’s really made it a lot harder for them coming back.”

That status is in stark contrast to what King said he has experienced since testing positive for COVID-19. On Monday, he tweeted:

“Good days and bad days @Crayestout but finally got through the 103 temperatures which was pretty scary last week!! Still very weak moving around have a little body soreness but getting the high temperature down was a blessing! I could only imagine if I wasn’t vaccinated oh my.”

In other words, COVID-19 was able to infect many vaccinated people associated with the Chicago Bulls, which has to be a major concern for the NBA, other professional sports leagues and the entire U.S. heading into the winter.