Navy Launches Ship Named For Harvey Milk

( In 2016, Obama’s Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced that he planned to name a US Naval vessel after the slain gay Mayor of San Francisco, Harvey Milk. And on Saturday, November 6, the USNS Harvey Milk was launched into service after a bottle of champagne was smashed on its bow by a former Naval officer who is now a transgender.

Former Secretary Mabus made quite a show of his decision to name Naval vessels after social justice warriors. In addition to the gay Harvey Milk, Mabus also decided to honor anti-gun activist Gabby Giffords and union organizer Caesar Chavez, among others.

The current Secretary of the Navy, Carlos Del Toro who attended the November 6 ceremony said that naming a ship after Milk, who was dishonorably discharged from the Navy for being gay, was a way to “amend the wrongs of the past” and inspire “our LGBTQ community leaders who served in the Navy.” Del Toro said the USNS Harvey Milk was a way to tell them “we’re committed to them in the future.”

But what exactly is the Navy committed to?

Harvey Milk, while often called a “gay rights leader,” had a rather unsavory life. According to his biography written by the late Randy Shilts, Milk had a proclivity for targeting and grooming underage boys, including a sixteen-year-old named Jack Galen McKinley. The San Francisco Mayor would ply these young men with drugs and alcohol then coerce them into sex.

Is the Navy committing to pedophilia?

According to Shilts’ biography, another young man the Mayor lured through drugs and booze ended up hanging himself from Milk’s back porch in 1978.

As if targeting underage boys isn’t bad enough, Harvey Milk was also close with cult leader Jim Jones. Jones was a well-known personality within Democrat political circles in San Francisco and Milk wasn’t the only Democrat politician taken in by the lunatic.

When Jim Jones founded the People’s Temple in San Francisco, Harvey Milk happily spoke there on a number of occasions. Like Harvey Milk, Jones had a history of frequently molesting both his male and female followers.

After the mass suicide at the Peoples Temple in Guyana in 1978, Harvey Milk mourned the failure of Jones’ “great experiment.”

This is the man Obama’s Secretary of the Navy wanted to honor.

This is the man Biden’s Navy Secretary believes will “inspire” the LGBTQ who serve in the Navy.