NASA Scientist Gets Just 30 Days In Prison After Lying To FBI About CCP Collaboration

( By now it’s pretty obvious that the Biden administration is pretty forgiving of officials and agencies with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, but the story of a senior NASA scientist being sentenced to only 30 days in prison after lying about his participation in a Chinese government-funded program to the FBI is still a real shock.

The National Pulse revealed how 66-year-old Metta Meyyappan worked for NASA since 1996, and in 2006, became the Chief Scientist for the Exploration Technology department at the Center for Nanotechnology. And, while working for NASA, was subject to a number of requirements and rules that prohibited travel and compensation from certain countries while employed by the agency.

And despite that, the report claimed that he took part in the Chinese “Thousand Talents Program,” an initiative funded by the Chinese Communist Party that recruits people from foreign countries who have access to foreign intellectual property, technology, and valuable information.

It’s well known that the Chinese Communist Party uses the program to steal foreign technology and intellectual property as part of their goal to become the world’s leading economic, military, and scientific powerhouse.

Meyyappan also reportedly held professorships at universities in Japan, China, and South Korea, without informing the United States Office of Government Ethics and NASA.

He then went on to lie about those connections when he was interviewed by NASA and the FBI in New York, claiming that he wasn’t a participant in the Thousand Talents Program and didn’t hold a professorship in a Chinese university…when he did.

In January this year, Meyyappan pleaded guilty to all charges against him after it was revealed that he lied, and despite committing the crime, has been ordered to pay a $100,000 fine and spend only 30 days in prison.

Shouldn’t working with foreign adversaries come with a sentence higher than a month in prison?