Nancy Pelosi Targeted In Lawsuit By MyPillow Guy

( Mike Lindell, the brave CEO of MyPillow and one of the most loyal supporters of former President Donald Trump and election integrity, isn’t backing down after Democrats targeted him in their ultra-partisan January 6 riot “investigation.”

The CEO filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, her partisan committee, and telecommunications network Verizon in an effort to stop his private phone records from being turned over to the committee. The panel is seeking access to his private communications records between November 1, 2020, and January 31, 2021.

He is one of a number of people targeted by the extreme committee, which has no evidence to even suggest that former President Donald Trump and his colleagues and supporters incited a “violent insurrection,” who have sued to stop their private records from being used and published for the world to see.

Political commentator Sebastian Gorka also filed his own lawsuit on Tuesday to block a subpoena requesting his phone records, as Democrats attempt to paint him as a supporter or organizer of the so-called “insurrection.”

Attorneys representing Lindell, who has been a particular target for the Democrats given his staunch support for the former president, say that his actions related to the 2020 election and his work uncovering evidence of election fraud and misconduct, are “motivated, in part, by his strongly held religious beliefs.”

The attorneys argue that obtaining Lindell’s phone records would violate his freedom of religion, as well as his right to free speech and political expression and his ability to associate with anybody who shares his beliefs.

It’s an interesting legal argument – and a good one – but shouldn’t it be obvious that people shouldn’t just have their private communications made publicly available on a whim? Democrats have no evidence to implicate him in the so-called “insurrection,” so why do they think they have the right to go fishing through his (and others) personal records in the hope of finding something?

We’ll report back on the results of the suit.