Nancy Pelosi May Have Broken Congress Forever

( If Republicans retake the House after the Midterm elections, Nancy Pelosi may regret blowing up so many of the House’s norms during her tenure as Speaker of the House.

Thanks to the precedents set by Nancy Pelosi, a Republican-led House may follow her lead and begin voting to relieve Democrat members of committee assignments or establish partisan select committees to investigate anything from Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s involvement in gain-of-function research. A Republican Speaker may just decide to create a second January 6 committee with only Republican members to look into the federal law enforcement’s involvement in the Capitol riot.

But Democrats rarely play the tape to the end.

So hell-bent on getting their way, Democrats suffer from terminal short-sightedness.

The problem for the Democrats is that Republicans would have far more to investigate.

Between the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan to Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s deals to the DOJ’s endless witch hunt of former President Donald Trump, the list of potential targets of investigation would be long.

The problem with Pelosi and the Democrats weaponizing congressional investigations is that eventually, the weapon will be in the hands of their opponents.

Anybody with half a brain could have seen this coming.

But Nancy Pelosi didn’t notice or didn’t care.

Then there is Nancy’s decision to use the impeachment process as a political weapon.

Sure, impeaching Trump twice made the anti-Trump Resistance in the media cheer, but the Democrats’ lowering the bar on impeachable offenses has opened the door to Republicans doing the same against a Democrat president.

And given the president’s involvement in Hunter’s dirty deals and his failure to faithfully execute the federal immigration laws, Republicans have plenty of reason to follow Pelosi’s impeachment precedent.

Don’t be surprised if a Republican House also considers impeachment for Cabinet members, including DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

And if Republicans do any or all of this, Nancy has only herself to blame.