Nancy Pelosi Finally Backs Banning Stock Trades After Making Millions Her Entire Life

( On Thursday, far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally gave in to pressure and said that she was willing to advance legislation that could ban legislators from making stock trades. Pelosi told journalists during her weekly press conference that if members of the House – particularly Democrats – were open to pushing this legislation, then she is “OK with that.”

It’s interesting, given that Pelosi has been the primary target of those advocating for such a restriction. The Pelosi family has made millions during her time in Congress. Pelosi’s husband is a professional trader and the House Speaker has often been accused of potentially sharing inside information with her husband so he can make more lucrative investments – though Pelosi has repeatedly denied this claim.

Under current rules, members of Congress are required to publicly disclose all of their stock sale transactions within a matter of days. The requirement is designed to reduce the chances of there being any conflict of interest and to give the American people a sense of security that legislators are not profiting from their position.

Pelosi once again attempted to calm the controversy, telling the media that any suspicions of insider trading by her colleagues are always subject to investigations by the Department of Justice.

Given the fact that only a month ago Pelosi told reporters that she supports a “free market economy” where legislators can make any investment they like, it looks as though Pelosi may well be on her way out of office. With the 2022 midterm elections looming and a likely Republican takeover of Congress, Pelosi could be preparing to step down – and in that event, the new rules wouldn’t apply to her anyway.

Is this a sign that Nancy Pelosi might finally be out of our hair this year?