Mystery Odor Causes Resident To Get Rid Of Food And Furniture

( A chemical reaction sent a foul odor into the air of South Jersey causing residents to throw away food and furniture even a week later as the odor persisted, according to CBS News. A townhall meeting was reportedly held in East Greenwich Township to discuss the incident and answer questions that residents might have.

“It’s been hell. We’ve been staying here on and off. We’ve been staying with family members because of the smell,” Chris said, a resident who lives across the street from TA Travel Center Truck Stop on Berkley Road where the reaction was set off.

An investigation revealed that the odor was linked back to a tanker truck with TransChem USA parked at the stop. The air is currently being monitored 24/7 and officials reportedly say that the emissions came from decomposition of a fuel additive that released hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans into the air, causing complaints from Gloucester and Camden Counties and even parts of Philadelphia.

A lawsuit has reportedly been filed against the trucking company following the reaction as some businesses have been forced to closed and residents say they have been negatively impacted.

As of right now, the emissions do not seem to be harmful, despite the foul odor.

“Certain compounds are different. There’s compounds that are harmful and you can’t smell them. Thankfully, mercaptans and H2S, you can smell them way before they are harmful to you,” CTEH Project toxicologist Michael Reilly said.

Mayor Dale Archer has reportedly said that their goal is transparency, and they are currently working on getting information out to the public on what has occurred and what will come after. Archer also says that the reaction has been contained and no vapor has been released since.