Musk Declares Employee Purges Are Over – Time To Start Hiring

( According to reports made Monday by billionaire CEO Elon Musk, Twitter’s significant layoffs are ended, and the business may now begin hiring new employees.

Approximately two-thirds of Twitter’s original 7,500 employees had lost their jobs in recent weeks of layoffs when Musk made the revelation during an all-hands meeting at the company. Musk claims that the company is currently hiring in engineering and sales.

A portion of the meeting’s recording shows that Musk answered workers’ queries for 30 minutes.

In answer to a query on whether the company would relocate to Texas, Musk highlighted that his leadership was a “moderate” rather than a “right-wing” takeover of the company.

He explained to staff members that if they want to transfer the headquarters to Texas, he thinks it would support the notion that Twitter has shifted from being left- to right-wing, which is false.

“No, the right has not taken over Twitter. The center-right has seized Twitter,” Musk declared.

He explained that even if Twitter ownership disagrees with others’ beliefs, Twitter must represent a diverse range of people to serve as the digital town square.

He continued by making the case that the business should concentrate more on Twitter’s reach abroad, notably in Japan.

Musk claimed that while it could appear like Twitter is American-centric, in reality, it is more Japanese-centric. Even though Japan has a third of the U.S. population, there is nearly the same number of daily active users there as there are in the U.S.

Since buying the company three weeks ago, Musk has let go of large numbers of staff, and more than a thousand have left of their own free will.

The changes follow a disorganized reworking of Twitter’s authentication procedure earlier this month.

Twitter gave official government accounts gray checkmark badges for a week before taking them away. Then, its $8 membership services permitted consumers to obtain a blue checkmark before discontinuing that service.

Many await the reinstatement of their banned accounts; a promise Musk vowed to keep.