Music Star Claims Music Industry Is “Racist”

( Music star Lizzo, who is currently worth an estimated $12 million, recently claimed that the music industry is “racist,” according to Breitbart. The singer reportedly said that pop music was created to segregate black artists from mainstream music.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lizzo was asked what it was like to perform “pop music,” which the magazine referred to as “white-feeling.” Lizzo answered emphatically claiming that the genre is “inherently racist” because it was intentionally divided away from “race music,” which was music created by black people.

Segregating “race music” and “pop music” was allegedly a way to keep children from “listening to music created by Black and brown people because they said it was demonic and yada, yada, yada.”

Lizzo continued to say that when people think of “pop music” they associate it with MTV in the 1980s, which was targeting people in middle America.

“And we all know what that’s code for,” she said.

The singer referred to two black pop stars, including Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, but reportedly left out some of the largest names in the music industry, such as Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Lionel Ritchie, Prince, John Legend, and Alicia Keys, just to name a few.

Lizzo is not only known for her race-consciousness but a host of other so-called “woke” attitudes. She recently posted a video to her Instagram twerking in her underwear to promote her “Yitty” clothing line for plus-sized women.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the singer asked what her response was to the criticism that her music was aimed at white people.

“I am not making music for white people,” she said, adding that when black artists see white people in the crowd, they think that the music is for them, but when black artists become popular, the audience will be predominantly white.

Lizzo reiterated that she is making music for herself and from her own experiences.

The singer hit the campaign trail for Biden and Harris during the 2020 presidential election.