Murder Weapon Linked To 27 Shootings

( A pistol that was stolen in 2016 from a gun shop in Wisconsin has reportedly been connected to at least 27 shootings in the city of Chicago. The gun was eventually confiscated by police, according to the Chicago Tribune.

It reveals just how futile gun laws can be, and why Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is so often criticized for claiming that the gun problems in her state are caused by lax gun laws in surrounding areas. It turns out that criminals will just…commit criminal acts and steal the guns instead.

In a Tuesday report, the Tribune revealed how the Chicago Police Department’s firearms experts connected an Austrian handgun to 27 separate shootings that saw 24 people shot, two of whom were killed. This all occurred in the space of roughly 20 months.

The Tribune said that the fact that one single gun was connected to so many shootings in the city was a shocker for police officers, who said that it’s the most shootings connected to one gun they have ever discovered.

Richard Wiser, Chicago PD’s West Side Detective Commander, told the press that this was an “extreme case” and in usual circumstances, there is an average of two to five possible incidents.

Some 7,200 guns were recovered by the police from violent criminals in July alone, which is an increase of 28% over last year.

But somehow, Mayor Lori Lightfoot still isn’t taking responsibility for it.

Researchers reportedly estimate the cost of a single gunshot injury in Chicago is around $1 million, including medical expenses, the loss of business to the region, and the police response.

Will Democrats ever admit that their gun policies don’t make things better? Perhaps they’d be better cracking down on criminals instead of punishing law-abiding citizens.