MTG Distances Herself From Trump, Suggests She’s Like DeSantis

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has long been seen as a conservative firebrand aligned directly with former President Donald Trump.

In recent times, though, she has started to break from that MAGA base, raging against it in fact. 

She is apparently not happy with the fact that grassroots voters and leaders have called her out for voting in favor of raising the debt ceiling, ultimately supporting the deal that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy negotiated with President Joe Biden.

She recently made a comment that she doesn’t “live in conservative fantasy land,” which was apparently an attack on Trump’s base. 

Now, National File has reported on text messages that she sent that show she’s proud that her voting record in Congress more directly aligns with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his support of Representative Thomas Massie. The messages also show that MTG is threatening Trump’s allies to turn the base of MAGA voters against them.

MTG recently sent texts to fellow Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, in which she said she was proud to vote alongside of DeSantis in supporting Massie on the debt ceiling bill that was put forward. Her text read:

“I have almost the same identical voting record as Thomas Massie, the most fiscally conservative member of Congress. And I voted with him on this bill.”

Massie has been a supporter of DeSantis and his run for president since back in April. He’s also been an outspoken critic of Trump.

In response to MTG’s recent comments, some people in the MAGA wing of the GOP have called for her to be primaried. Stew Peters, for instance, said that he “100%” supports a challenger to her, “and look forward to meeting and helping a serious challenge to her.”

One person mentioned as a possibility to challenge MTG in the GOP primary in 2024 is Laura Loomer. She recently responded to the tirade from MTG by tweeting:

“@RepMTG is airing her dirty laundry against me and Steve Bannon now that everyone is waking up to how fake she is. Only a matter of time before President Trump realizes what a phony she is and how she’s been working with @SpeakerMcCarthy to undermine his re-election.”

At one point not long ago, MTG was seen as a rising force within the MAGA wing of the GOP. She was even seen as a leading candidate to be Trump’s running mate as vice president should he win the GOP nomination.

After her recent voting record and tirade against the MAGA base, though, it’s unlikely that she is still atop Trump’s list of potential running mates. In fact, it’s possible that she could soon make her way to the top of another Trump list – those who he actively works to oust from Congress, ala former Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney.

MTG is seemingly throwing all of her eggs into the DeSantis basket, even though the Florida governor still finds himself well behind Trump in polling. We’ll see whether this proves to be a good move for MTG or an ill-advised one.