MTG Backtracks On VP Comments

According to a report, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has not ruled out the possibility of serving as Trump’s vice presidential nominee if he wins the Republican nomination.

Greene explained to a Georgia-based paper that it would be an honor, adding the offer would be given heavy consideration, and said she has much to consider.

The lawmaker from Georgia pondered if she would be a member of President Trump’s Cabinet if he wins or becomes vice president. But ultimately Greene, who has backed Trump for the 2024 election, replied she hadn’t made up her mind whether she would accept or not.

There were reports earlier this year that Greene wanted to become Trump’s vice president. A source reportedly told NBC News that this was Greene’s dream.

The newspaper quotes Greene as saying it wasn’t something she’d been thinking about. She denied having discussed the possibility of being Trump’s running mate with his team.

While Greene’s tone has softened since then, she nevertheless used the occasion of Trump’s indictment on Monday in her home state to condemn the attitude of Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to the former president.

In related news, the ex-husband of Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene claims that he and other voters were falsely told that they had already voted in the 2020 presidential election even though they had not done so.

Rep. Greene tweeted to her account on X, describing how, on Election Day 2020, her then-husband Perry Greene was informed that he had already cast his vote absentee. But she stated he hadn’t asked for an absentee vote to be sent in for that particular election. Greene said that other voters at that polling place had a similar experience.

In her post, Greene also said that she and her former spouse had been accused of lying about the incident until they obtained the relevant records via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.