MSNBC Host Walks Away From Guest’s Extreme Views

( host, Alex Witt, issued a disclaimer in response to a guest expert’s assertion on the secret documents that former President Donald Trump allegedly kept at Mar-a-Lago.

Tracy Walder, a former CIA officer and FBI agent made an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday to discuss and evaluate a recent New York Times article that said Trump attempted to exchange Mar-a-Lago records for classified information on the Russia probe.

The video shows Witt questioning Walder on her opinions about how the Trump law team is dealing with the accusations.

Walder put up the astounding, albeit unsubstantiated, hypothesis that Trump may have sold the confidential materials to other nations after making copies of them.

In her speculation, Walder asserted that she is confident that Trump either made copies of some of the material, digital copies, or hard copies, and he perhaps sold it to other organizations and nations. Walder continued by claiming that Trump’s possession of the information hurt American intelligence efforts abroad.

Walder explained that because of what Trump has done with these materials, there is an overall feeling that it has debased the credibility of our intelligence services overseas and jeopardized many assets. She expressed her hope that Trump’s handling of the materials will be thoroughly probed.

Wow. Walder must have been an affirmative action hire.

The FBI debased its credibility on its own. It did not need anyone’s help.

The video shows Witt nervously responding to Walder’s assertion that Trump may have sold the documents to other groups and nations.

Witt told Walder that she wanted to underline that it was a theory by her and she alone. Although her statements were very significant accusations that she made, she was not the only one who made them.  They have been heard before.

As more and more FBI whistleblowers come forward, the public has been made aware that the DOJ is only interested in investigating and harassing patriots and those who aren’t “woke” enough.