MSNBC Host Roasts Trump Over ‘WWII’ Slip

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Monday accused Donald Trump of being “cognitively impaired” after the former president suffered from multiple gaffes during a speech last week, the Daily Caller reported.

While giving remarks at the Pray Vote Stand Summit in Washington last Friday, Trump accused President Biden of being “cognitively impaired” and warned that if Biden is reelected, he would start a nuclear war with Russia and drag the United States into World War Two.

Scarborough posted a clip of the gaffe on X Saturday, noting that Trump not only misspoke when he said “World War Two,” but also confused Joe Biden with Barack Obama.

Later in the speech, Trump hammered Biden for weaponizing law enforcement against him, braggingly describing himself as Biden’s “leading political opponent” and claiming that he is leading all of his opponents “including Obama.”

The former president scrambled to correct the gaffe by pointing out that Obama also divided the country. He then noted that he defeated Obama in 2016 when he “won an election that everyone said couldn’t be won.”

During Monday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe,” Scarborough played the clip of Trump’s gaffes and suggested that it was humorous that Trump called Biden cognitively impaired when the former president appeared to be cognitively impaired in his speech.

Scarborough told guest Al Sharpton that he doesn’t know if either Biden or Trump is cognitively impaired, but added that both of them do tend to “get tired” and “confused.”

He said the bigger question is whether Republicans will continue to hit Biden for his cognitive impairment when Trump is sounding “cognitively impaired every time he talks,” like suggesting that he’s running against Barack Obama.

Sharpton noted that President Biden never says he is “running against Barry Goldwater” and has never said he “could end World War One.”