Moose Rescued From Icy River By Brave Couple

When a moose fell into an icy river and couldn’t get out, a couple from New Brunswick joined police officers to save the animal.

According to a report, Jolyne Lavoie and her husband Claude were riding their off-road vehicle in Rogersville when they found a baby moose that had fallen into a river through the ice.
The pair came upon the female moose while driving on a logging road close to Pleasant Ridge Road, southwest of Rogersville.

At first, they assumed the animal had broken legs as they couldn’t discern her condition due to the pooling water on the ice.

Lavoie told Canadian media that when the moose saw them, she attempted to get up but kept slipping back down the ice because she couldn’t grab anything to help her stand up and run off.

The couple approached local police and asked for assistance. The likelihood that the moose wouldn’t survive was high, according to Lavoie, so they felt they needed to extract her.

Lavoie shared many videos on social media demonstrating her husband’s foray into the ice while successfully securing the harness around the moose’s rear leg. As Claude stepped out to approach the moose, they were apprehensive about the thickness of the ice, but they decided it seemed robust enough.

He brought the strap up to the moose while one of the peace officers remained on the riverside to catch it if it broke. He crossed the slick terrain to get to the moose and hooked the strap over its rear leg.

By bringing the moose close to the bank, the rescuers could secure the animal by adjusting the strap around its neck. According to Lavoie, observing the moose’s tranquility and composure was an amazing experience. It took almost forty minutes to complete the rescue.

Lavoie said the moose managed to get up on her own. Getting to touch a moose was like stepping into a dream. Things like that don’t come up very often. The moose remained remarkably composed throughout the ordeal. She may have been aware that everything would turn out happily.