Montana Governor Bans Sanctuary Cities

( Now that former President Donald Trump is out of office, Republican governors are stepping up to protect Americans against the Biden administration’s most catastrophic and devastating policy pledges. The latest governor to step up is Montana’s Greg Gianforte, who signed new legislation on Wednesday that bans sanctuary cities across his state.

Republican Governor Gianforte signed HB200, which passed through the state Senate on March 15. Under the new legislation, local jurisdictions cannot adopt sanctuary policies that protect illegal immigrants from federal agencies.

The legislation is similar to the measure once vetoed by Democratic Governor Steve Bullock in 2019.

Before he signed the bill, Governor Gianforte told the Daily Caller, “We are a nation of laws, and immigration laws will be enforced in Montana.”

“Criminal, illegal aliens who pose public safety threats to our communities have no sanctuary in Montana,” he said.

According to the Associated Press, there are currently no sanctuary cities in Montana – but the new legislation means that it won’t happen for as long as the law stands.

Cities across Montana will be required to cooperate with federal agencies like Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. If cities and jurisdictions fail to cooperate with those agencies, the state could legally withhold funding and grants to the cities.

The decision is a timely one, with the situation at the southern border growing more serious by the day. Reports suggest that as many as 17,000 children were being held in detention facilities at the border last week, with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens having been apprehended b border officials since Biden entered the White House.

President Joe Biden has also promised to send a package to Congress that will grant an eight-year pathway to citizenship for tens of millions of illegal aliens believed to be living in the United States today, not only cementing Democratic victories in several battleground states for many election cycles to come, but also putting Americans in danger from the continued influx of criminal illegal aliens crossing the southern border.

Maybe it’s time to move to Montana.