Mitt Romney’s Socialism Plan Hinges On Making It Look Like It’s Pro-Capitalism And Pro-Working

( For the last several months, Republican Utah Senator Mitt Romney has been working on pushing a GOP-friendly version of the extended child tax credit proposal. Romney hopes that he can get Republicans and Democrats behind a new plan that would continue to offer extended child tax credit benefits to parents all over the country.

Under Biden’s plan, direct monthly payments would be made to parents – just as payments were made in the last six months of 2021. The payments will help families pay for food, clothing, child care, and so much more at a time when prices are skyrocketing.

But the plan ultimately means that the federal government would be handing out cash to American taxpayers rather than cutting back on spending and being more responsible at a time when the national debt is skyrocketing, too.

For Romney, the only way to get Republicans on board with the plan is to make it look like a pro-capitalism move…and it might just work.

NBC News reports how the proposal would add “stringent work requirements” and slash a number of aid programs in an effort o find common ground.

A Republican aide familiar with his plans told NBC that the moment is “growing quite a bit” and that there is “more interest because folks on the right want to do something.”

“I think folks on the left are realizing if they don’t do it bipartisan, it’s not going to happen,” the aide continued.

The chances are, then, that Democrats will listen to Romney, and a sufficient number of Republicans will be willing to work with him on the plan, too.

It’s a massive departure from normal Republican Party policy, but what else is new? Romney no longer reflects the Republican Party very well and legislators across the aisle are looking for ways to help the American people as Biden keeps pushing costs up.

To be fair…what else can they do at this point?