Mitt Romney Says He’s a “FAN” of Vote-By-Mail, Endorses System Riddled with Fraud

( At this point we should probably just expect that Republican Senator for Utah, Mitt Romney, will do or say anything as long as it’s the opposite of President Donald Trump. The failed presidential candidate, who was the only Republican lawmaker who voted to remove President Trump from office for crimes he didn’t commit, said that he supports the push to implement vote-by-mail in the upcoming presidential election.

He made the comments on Thursday following a prediction from the president that the adoption of universal vote-by-mail would result in the “most inaccurate and fraudulent” election ever. It comes after an independent experiment run by CBS News should that as many as 3% of mail-in ballots could easily go missing during the election.

Romney made comments to a left-wing reporter following President Trump’s tweets questioning whether the election should be delayed until a time when people can vote safely without Democrats forcing people to vote by mail.

“I’m a fan of voting by mail,” Romney said to CNN reporter Manu Raju. “Secondly, of course we are going to have an election on time. It’s unthinkable that that would not be the case.”

President Trump made the comment, questioning whether the election should be delayed, after a report from CBS News showed how ballots can easily get lost in the mail. In an experiment, they found that 97 ballots arrived after 100 were mailed.

If three get lost in a test of just 100, then imagine how devastating that could be in a national election of millions of people.

Romney’s comments also come after he recently admitted he thinks President Trump will win the November election. Could he be throwing his weight behind this notoriously unreliable form of voting to help sway the vote against the president in what is expected to be a tight race?