Mitt Romney Attacks Republicans, Suggests They’re Traitors

( Mitt Romney never passes up an opportunity to go on CNN and attack his fellow Republicans.

On Sunday, the Utah Senator appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” where host Dana Bash asked him to comment on the so-called “pro-Putin Republicans.”

And what exactly does Dana Bash mean by “pro-Putin Republicans?”

Well, the Republicans opposing direct US involvement in a war with Russia are considered “pro-Putin Republicans” by the geniuses at CNN.

But rather point out to Dana Bash that opposing military action against a nuclear power does not make one a “pro-Putin” Republican, Mitt Romney happily played along.

He questioned how any freedom-loving American could possibly side with an oppressive dictator like Vladimir Putin who kills his people and imprisons his political opponents, adding “It’s unthinkable to me. It’s almost treasonous.” Romney told Dana Bash that it makes him sick to see people doing that.

What people?

Again, not one Republican lawmaker has joined “Team Putin.”

But because she works for CNN, Dana Bash set up a straw man. And because he never passes up an opportunity to attack Republicans, Romney played along and attacked the straw man.

He accused these non-existent “Pro-Putin Republicans” of siding with Putin for the “shock value.” Then, in a back-handed attack at Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Romney claimed “they” do it to make money for “their” network.

“It’s disgusting,” Romney spat.

But Dana Bash was delighted. She landed on Romney’s “treasonous” remark like a fly on manure and asked if the back-stabbing Senator would include the former president in that group of treasonous Republicans.


Romney quickly pointed out that he didn’t say it was treasonous; he said it was “almost” treasonous.