Mitch McConnell Hits Biden Where It Hurts After Biden Started It

( Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell might not be the most popular senior figure among Republican voters and legislators, but he certainly isn’t bending to the Biden administration.

Speaking to Fox News last week, McConnell responded to President Joe Biden’s bizarre claim that the Republican Party cannot explain “what they are for” to the American people. Biden made the claim during his Wednesday press conference, in which he marked his first (disastrous) year in the White House and lashed out at Republicans in the hope that some of his inaccurate accusations might stick.

McConnell told Fox that the GOP has been vocal about what they view as the most important and pressing matters for the country. And he’s right, too. Republicans have made it very clear that Biden’s policies on the border have failed, his economic policies have failed, and that the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools is hurting children and dividing society.

How much more vocal does President Biden want the Republican Party to be?

Biden also specifically called out McConnell during the speech, too. “The fundamental question is, ‘what’s Mitch for?’” he said. The president also claimed that McConnell, who is well known his willingness to engage with Democrats and negotiate, would do “anything to prevent Biden from being a success.”

Perhaps Biden and the Democrats should look in a mirror…

McConnell told Bret Baier after Biden’s claims that he helped the president pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and that he supported a bill in the Senate to “deal with China and the computer chip shortage.”


“If the president starts acting like a moderate like he campaigned, we can do business,” McConnell continued.

He also confirmed that he hasn’t spoken to the president recently, and that it’s because he adopted a “Bernie Sanders prescription for America.”


He said that Biden is pushing through with his party’s radical agenda even though he doesn’t have a mandate for it and that he can’t get the extreme bills he wants to pass through Congress.

Is Biden just…projecting?