Missile Launch Leaves Devastation In Iraq

(PresidentialWire.com)- On. Tuesday, a Turkish airstrike destroyed a clinic in the northern region of Iraq. It resulted in a number of injuries and deaths, according to local government officials and a military officer in Iraq.

Speaking to AFP, the deputy mayor of Sinjar Jalal Khalef Bisso said that the airstrike had “totally destroyed: a clinic, but stopped short of providing an exact death toll.

Other officials said that the military strike was carried out by drone, and there were three strikes in total. It is understood to have been carried out by the Turkish military – and it’s not the first time this has happened. Turkey regularly carries out strikes like this in Iraq, targeting the Kurdistan Worker’s Party. The party maintains a number of bases in the mountainous regions of Iraq, and is considered a terrorist organization by the Turkish government in Ankara.

Another airstrike carried out a day prior killed a senior Yazidi official of the Iraqi military who was linked to the Worker’s Party (PKK), along with two other military colleagues.

Nadine Maenza, the chairwoman of the United States Commission On International Religious Freedom, responded to the attacks. She expressed her shock that the attack was carried out on a hospital, and suggested that Turkey was hoping that the world is simply too focused on the disaster in Afghanistan to notice that they are committing war crimes against survivors of the Yazidi genocide.

And while the world is still certainly watching the horrors being committed by Turkey, have you heard as much about this as you have about Afghanistan?

Or COVID-19?

It sounds like something President Joe Biden should have something to say about, right?