Miss Israel Calls Out Hamas Terrorism In Viral Video

Noa Cochva, Miss Israel 2021, spoke out against Hamas in a viral video. She called out the phrase “Free Palestine” and instead called for it to be changed to “Free Palestine from Hamas.”
Cochva claimed in her video that a beauty queen’s ultimate message should be for world peace. She then exhibited herself donning an Israel Defense Forces uniform and claimed that she would explain how she converted her aspiration into a reality.

After years of terror assaults, on October 7, 2018, Hamas infiltrated the state of Israel and began a war in my country, stated Cochva.

She explained how their “freedom fighters” have burned whole villages to the ground, kidnapped and killed elderly people, and murdered babies. She said they killed everyone they came across, anyone while calling themselves freedom warriors instead of what they are – terrorists. Hamas is ISIS, she stated.

Cochva asked for permission to enlighten viewers about Hamas. She noted that everyone is well aware of the hardships endured by the people of Gaza. The government in Gaza is harsh, and its citizens suffer as a result. She asked if people believed that the money they provided benefited the citizens in Gaza. She asked that people reconsider aid.

She explained that Hamas manipulates the flow of money and helps to further its own goals- establishing terrorist strongholds in places like classrooms, hospitals, and daycares. She explained that the locals aren’t much but acting as human shields. She said Palestinians in Gaza could have used the aid money coming in to help their people. They might have built a vibrant economy, safe communities, and other benefits, but they chose not to.

According to Miss Israel, anyone who thinks there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza is correct. But stop and consider: who is to blame for the fact that there is no food, no medication, and nothing but rockets? The responsibility lies with one individual alone- Hamas, not Israel.

Cochva pleaded for viewers to speak up in the video’s description.

She asked that people join together as one human race and take a stand for Israel.