Mike Pence Throws His Support Behind Donald Trump

(PresidentialWire.com)- In a lengthy interview with Fox News Digital, former Vice President Mike Pence spoke about the current state of the country under the Biden administration, the ongoing January 6 hearings, and the success of the Trump years.

Pence, who sat down with Fox while in Chicago delivering a speech on economic policy, said the Biden administration is “embracing the politics of the radical left.” He said Washington is not focusing on the issues Americans are most concerned about, including rising prices, the border crisis, and inflation.

The former VP said he won’t let Democrats use January 6 as a way “to distract attention from their failed agenda,” or to target the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump’s reelection.

Pence again defended his decision to ignore Trump’s demands to interfere with the certification of the electoral college vote, saying he knows his “oath was clear” and he did his duty that day.

Regarding Trump’s attacks on his former Veep, Pence said he and the former President were “very close friends” during their time in office and “parted very amicably” when it ended. Pence added that he doesn’t think he and Trump will ever see eye-to-eye over January 6. But after “that tragic day,” Pence told Fox, he and Trump did sit down and talk through it.

After leaving the White House, Pence said he and the former president spoke regularly in the months that followed. But over the last year, Pence added, “I think we’ve kind of gone our separate ways.”

Even with the division, Pence said he remains proud of what they were able to accomplish during the Trump presidency. “We delivered for the American people,” Pence added.

He said he was proud to serve alongside a president who, despite “an avalanche of hostile media,” was working every day to deliver on the promises they made to the American people.

About his presidential aspirations, Pence remains noncommittal, telling Fox that he and his wife Karen will continue to do what they always do, “take time to pray about it.” He said they will seek the counsel of trusted friends and advisors and will go “where we’re called.”

When asked if his 2024 plans are dependent on whether or not Trump runs again, Pence said he won’t let anyone decide for him.