Mike Pence Says Reading God’s Word Led Him To Certify Election For Biden

(PresidentialWire.com)- Former Vice President Mike Pence has come under a lot of fire from supporters of his former boss, President Donald Trump, for certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Until now, though, he hasn’t commented on why he made the decision to allow the Electoral College certification go forward on the now-infamous date of January 6, 2021, despite his boss saying he should stop it.

On Monday, while speaking at the University of Iowa, Pence said he was influenced by both the Bible and Founding Father James Madison when he made his decision to certify the Electoral College results.

A person in the crowd asked Pence during the question-and-answer session what persuaded him “to buck President Trump’s plan and certify the votes?”

He quickly responded, “James Madison,” referring to the United States’ fourth president.

Pence also pointed to the Bible when he gave that reply, adding:

“Psalm 15 says, ‘He who keeps his oath even when it hurts.'”

It would seem as if Pence was indicating that he was not necessarily in favor of certifying the results of the election, but that the oath he made to the office forced him to do so.

He tried to go down that path further when he said that he is indeed concerned about how voting rules are going in some states around the country. He said:

“I continue to share those concerns, and I support efforts in states to improve voter integrity as has been done in Georgia and Arizona and elsewhere.

“The only role of the federal government is to open and count the electoral votes that were sent by the states. You’ve got to be willing to do your duty.”

In other words, Pence is defending his actions by saying that he didn’t hold any power to make a difference. The federal government, he says, is only certifying that the states voted this way. It does not have the power to say the states did anything wrong or should change their rules as they pertain to elections.

He continued:

“I understand the disappointment in the election. You might remember I was on the ballot. But you’ve got to be willing to do your duty. And the time may come that some of you are in that position, or one like it.

“And I just have a feeling based on the shining faces I’m seeing around here you’re going to be men and women who do your duty in that time as well.”

Many of Trump’s supporters still believe that Pence turned his back on the former president, and that he should have done everything he could have to stop the certification of the election. During the January 6 rally that preceded the attack at the U.S. Capitol building, many chanted, “Hang Mike Pence.”

Now that he is no longer in Washington, Pence is taking a roundabout way to re-enter the political scene. He hasn’t made his future plans evident yet, but it appears he may at least be considering a run at the White House in the future.