Mike Pence Could “Go Rogue” And Stop Electoral Votes In Senate

(PresidentialWire.com)- Joe Biden might think he’s won the election and that the widespread voter fraud and misconduct have been forgotten about, but some conservatives are predicting that Vice President Mike Pence could “go rogue” during the counting of the Electoral College votes in Congress.

On January 6, a joint session of the new Congress will gather and the Electoral College votes cast on December 14 will be counted. The next president is declared during this session, but some Republican members of Congress, including Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville, have already indicated that they would object to the votes owing to the evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Ned Foley, a professor at USOu’s Moritz law college, also said that there is “talk” that the Congress will “sit in judgment of whether states conducted their elections legally.”

Many battleground states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, do not appear to have conducted their elections legally. A lawsuit challenging the legality of Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot system was rejected by the state’s Supreme Court on the grounds that the case was filed too late, and was not judged on its merit.

Vice President Mike Pence could ultimately play an important role in securing the integrity of the 2020 election this time around, so long as both a senator and a representative agree to object to the election results. Mike Pence could also step in and reject entire slates of electors.

The language in the 12th Amendment appears to give Pence those powers, but Foley, according to Market Watch says both of those approaches are misguided. He claims that the job of Congress “isn’t supposed to be to retally the popular vote” but instead to simply count and confirm the results.

But the confirmation of the votes cannot occur unless these two chambers also have the power to reject the votes. And Mike Pence could do that.

Foley said that he thinks it is unlikely that Pence would “go rogue” and that it is more likely that we will “see a version of this rival slate scenario,” where GOP elector votes are counted instead of the “official” Electoral College vote.

In many battleground states, rival electors cast their votes for President Donald Trump to ensure that he had at least 270 votes cast for him in the event of a successful legal challenge.

With thousands of sworn affidavits from Americans attesting to witnessing voter fraud and misconduct, and damning CCTV footage showing illegal ballot counting in Georgia, the evidence shows that the 2020 election was compromised.

And now it’s down to Mike Pence and Congress to act as the last defense against swearing in an illegitimate president.