Migrant With NUNCHUCKS Attacks Italian Police, Shouts “Allah hu Akbar”

(PresidentialWire.com)- You might not hear about it in the press very much, but Europe is still struggling with a major migrant crisis. People continue arriving on European shores, leaving African and Middle Eastern nations under the guise of being “Syrian refugees.” It has resulted in a huge spike in crime committed by migrants and illegal aliens, and the latest incident involves a 29-year-old Egyptian who attacked officers with nunchucks.

Yes, nunchucks.

The Egyptian national shouted “Allah hu Akbar” as he attacked threatened several municipal workers going about their business in Fiumicino, a town not far from Rome. The incident occurred on Tuesday, after the man first came to the office with his dog. Reports then suggest that he reached into the bag he was carrying, and pulled out several weapons including a set of nunchucks.

The migrant then started threatening officials in the office.

Once police arrived on the scene – quickly, it seems – more threats were made. A report from Il Giornale, an Italian newspaper, says that the Egyptian man tried to escape the police, but was quickly apprehended.

“I will set the whole town on fire if I don’t get the papers,” he threatened when the police grappled him. The man also instructed his dog to attack the officers, and one police officer suffered a wound to the arm.

When the man was subdued and arrested, they discovered that he was also carrying a large pair of scissors and a knife in his bag. It appeared that he was intending to use them at least to threaten workers into giving him some form of paperwork.

As he was being taken into custody, the man once again started shouting “Allah hu Akbar,” indicating that he is a Muslim. The phrase simply means “God is great” but in the context of violent attacks, it often implies that the incident is terror-related and the attack is being made in the name of a religious cause.

Italian police officers have suffered similar attacks over the last few years. At the beginning of 2020, migrants attacked Italian police officers with bricks in the city of Turin.