Michigan RINO Forced To Resign

(PresidentialWire.com)- Jason Roe, the Executive Director of the Michigan Republican Party, announced on Wednesday that he has stepped down from his position. Roe faced enormous grassroots pushback after telling Politico last year that the 2020 election was not stolen and the only person to blame for Trump’s loss was Donald Trump himself.

In confirming he was stepping down as executive director for the state GOP, Roe declined to provide a specific reason for his decision, only saying that his reasons would remain between him and Michigan GOP Chairman Ron Weiser.

Roe’s tenure as Michigan GOP Executive Director only began in February. But his comments to Politico back in November instantly landed him in hot water with those in the party base within the state. In late May, Michigan GOP precinct delegates delivered a resolution to the Michigan GOP leadership calling for Roe to be fired for what he told Politico.

Michigan Republican organizer Debra Ell led the effort to push for the resolution telling the Washington Post Roe’s claim that there was no fraud “doesn’t line up” with what she and others think happened. It also troubled Ell that Roe blamed former President Trump for losing the election.

When Debra Ell heard the news of Roe’s resignation, she said in a Facebook post that she believed Roe didn’t resign, but was fired. “This is just the beginning of the RINO Hunt,” Ell added.

Michigan GOP Chair Ron Weiser came to Roe’s defense in the spring accusing “activists” of trying to shrink the party while focusing on internal fighting rather than focusing on expanding the party and “fighting our true opponents, the Democrats.” Weiser added that he would encourage Republicans to “channel their frustration” over the 2020 election into winning in the 2022 Midterm elections rather than attacking each other.

In March, after Michigan House members Peter Meijer and Fred Upton voted to impeach President Trump, Weiser was criticized by the North Oakland County Republican Party for not speaking out against their impeachment votes.

Both Roe and Weiser pushed back against the intraparty fighting reminding the North Oakland County Republicans that they were all on the same side. At the time, Roe said that he would not spend his time “fighting a battle we already lost.”