Michigan Couple Gets Shot While Protecting Kids From Gunman

A violent assailant opened fire at a splash park in Michigan, wounding couple Micayla and Eric Coughlin. 

Just one minute after arriving at the Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad, the pair heard gunfire. Because of these brave parents, the couple’s kids could return home that night. They shielded their kids and took seven shots to their bodies.

A city employee’s wife, along with 14 friends and family, were also present at the splash pad when the shots rang out. Gunfire wounded three of them. The woman, whose identity is yet unknown, was shot in the arm and abdomen. 

A 78-year-old man was shot in the abdomen, making him the oldest victim of the shooting. A four-year-old kid was wounded in the leg and was the youngest. The mother, 39, was critically injured after being shot in the leg and abdomen. Additionally, her brother, who is eight years old, was shot in the head and is in serious condition.

According to the authorities, 42-year-old Michael William Nash opened fire at the splash pad on Saturday night, wounding nine people. After a protracted confrontation with law enforcement, he eventually committed suicide. Although the motive for the shooting remains unknown, Michael Bouchard, the sheriff of Oakland County, theorizes that the incident appeared totally random.

Bouchard said during a news conference that a new 911 response system helped the police find the gunman quickly. Following the shooter’s escape, the police encircled the apartment and found the getaway car nearby. The police used a drone to enter the apartment after a standoff; inside, they discovered the shooter dead from a gunshot wound he had inflicted on himself.

Shootings are bad enough, but it has now come to light, in the wake of the tragedy, that some terrible people are taking advantage of the massacre by making fake GoFundMe accounts and taking advantage of the kindness of decent people. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard found the site issue to be completely bogus and expressed his strong disapproval of people who were taking advantage of this unfortunate situation. If you try to take advantage of people’s charity on GoFundMe, they will take a hard stance against you.