Michael Moore Claims 147 Lawmakers Who Voted Against Certifying Election Are Traitors

(Presidentialwire.com)- The rambling and incoherent Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore this week claimed that the eight Republican senators and 139 Republican congressmen who voiced objections during the certification of the 2020 presidential election results on January 6 committed a “seditious act.”

Noted legal scholar (Ha!) that he is, MSNBC’s “The Beat” brought Michael Moore on during Tuesday’s show to discuss the charges filed against the January 6 defendants.

Moore prattled on about the minor charges most of the rioters are facing, including obstructing an official proceeding, then claimed that the rioters weren’t the only ones to obstruct the proceeding. Republican lawmakers did as well.

How does he get that?

Objecting to the certification of certain states’ electoral votes isn’t obstructing the proceeding. It’s participating in the proceeding.

Maybe MSNBC shouldn’t have a legal ignoramus like that tub of lard Michael Moore weigh in on the law.

During his rambling diatribe, Moore claimed the 147 Republicans who objected to the election certification were attempting to “obstruct, to try and stop the legal and fair and everything certified.”

Such a sound legal argument, is it not?

The sputtering low-life claimed the Republican lawmakers were somehow involved in this so-called “attempted coup” to “overthrow” the election, and then claimed that after their “coup” failed, the 147 Republicans “went back into that chamber and voted to say, no, Joe Biden is not the president.”

Naturally, Moore simply glossed over the fact that Democrat lawmakers, as recently as 2017, have also challenged the certification of state electors.

Moore said he thinks 109 of those Republicans will still be in office when the new Congress is sworn in, claiming that, to him, this is “a seditious act.”

Since this is MSNBC, Moore had no fear that the host would challenge his legally illiterate claims or would force him to back up those claims by citing sedition law.