Mexican Gov Freezes THOUSANDS of Cartel Bank Accounts, ADMIT There’s a Problem

( The Mexican government has effectively admitted they have a problem with the cartel and dangerous terrorists after they chose to take action against thousands of cartel bank accounts. Almost 2,000 accounts operated by dangerous cartel criminals, linked to one of the most violent cartels in the country, have been shut down by the authorities. It may provoke a backlash from Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

As part of operation “Blue Agave,” Mexican officials froze 1,939 bank accounts through its Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) according to an official press release. The operation took place over several months and was headed by Santiago Nieto. The report explains how the unit searched thousands of “unusual” transactions and identified some 167 companies, 1,770 individuals and two trust funds that were all connected to the cartel.

It is a huge step in tackling cartel activity and not only ceases funds, but makes it difficult for cartel officials to open new channels of financial transaction without alerting financial authorities to their whereabouts.

Over 40,000 financial operations were flagged during the investigation, which totaled a value of around $700 million. Money from over 8,424 international cash transfers were also seized by the Mexican government with a total value of around $350 million. A further 2,000+ reports of cash transfers were investigated totaling $3 million were also investigated.

The CJNG cartel is the most violent cartel in Mexico and have been linked to terrorist a series of terrorist attacks. Turf wars involving the cartel, under its leader Nemesio Oseguera (El Mencho) it has caused a spike in violent activity throughout the country. As the Mexican government does all it can to cripple the cartel, it proves the point that President Donald Trump has been making since he announced his campaign in 2015. For as long as these cartels exist and operate in Mexico, the United States is at risk of endangering its own people without property border controls and/or a wall.