Melania Trump’s Room Was Stormed And Left A Mess By Federal Agents

( On Monday, the FBI conducted a search warrant at the home of President Trump. Joe Biden and the unlawful dictatorship he leads are responsible for this.

Following the raid’s completion, President Trump had a lot to say.

Trump issued a statement claiming that nothing even somewhat similar has ever occurred to a President of the United States. He said that this surprise raid on his residence was neither necessary nor appropriate after engaging with the government agencies and fully cooperating with them.

He said it is prosecutorial misconduct and the weaponization of the Justice System. It is an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want him to run for President in 2024.

In light of recent polls, which show Trump would win the election if it were held tomorrow, they will stop at nothing to see that that will not happen.

Trump said that undeveloped, third-world countries are the only places where an assault of this nature might occur. Unfortunately, the United States of America has joined the ranks of those countries, but at least its level of corruption has reached new heights. He remarked that even his safe wasn’t immune from their thievery!

“How is this different from the Watergate scandal?” he asked. Nixon’s agents broke into the Democratic National Committee, and Biden’s broke into Mar-a-Lago.

The Gateway Pundit revealed that during their fishing excursion, FBI officers from Florida and Washington, DC, spent hours pawing through Mar-a-Lago. At the gate of President Trump’s property, armed people stood watch as the sleazy FBI officers inside rifled through Melania Trump’s personal belongings in her closet.

According to a report by President Trump, Melania Trump’s possessions were reportedly left in shambles.

The FBI goes in and tampers with the delicates of the most stunning first lady in the history of the United States. These lawbreakers have no idea who they think they are representing.

It’s horrible that thugs are running the FBI. AG Garland and his FBI are tainted with corruption and criminal activity, and their actions are repugnant.

Communist Sickos.