Megyn Kelly Says No One Would Marry Keith Olbermann

Last week, Sirius XM host Megyn Kelly lit into podcaster Keith Olbermann after he attacked her on Twitter for suggesting that the ladies from “The View” were jealous of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

After Carlson was fired last Monday, the ladies from “The View” celebrated by getting the audience to wave and sing “Goodbye.” Kelly retweeted a clip from the broadcast, tweeting that the hosts from “The View” could never be anything but “ensemble players” and their “jealousy” and “ideological hatred” were “on display” in that clip.

The unhinged Olbermann replied to Kelly’s tweet, suggesting that Kelly knows nothing about hosting a successful show. He accused her of being fired by both Fox News and NBC and claimed that she “couldn’t get a job cleaning the studio at The View.”

During Wednesday’s broadcast of “Megyn Kelly Live,” the host was discussing the gleeful reactions from the media to Carlson’s ouster with her guests, podcaster Michael Moynihan and Emily Jashinsky of the Federalist, when Megyn Kelly turned her guns on Olbermann.

Directing her comments to Olbermann, she blasted the disgraced former MSNBC host for comparing Tucker Carlson to a Nazi and then responded to his tweet.

Kelly pointed out that he was misstating “the circumstances” of her departure from NBC and cited the “widely reported” fact that Fox News offered her $100 million to keep her on the network.

Kelly said that it was “very clear” at the time that she voluntarily left Fox News to “raise my family,” adding Olbermann probably doesn’t know anything about that since “no one would marry you” and “you have no children.”

Kelly told Olberman that he has “a cold, lonely life” that has made him a “bitter, bitter man.” She conceded that she knows nothing about that since her life is “joyful” and she “managed to raise my own children.” Kelly capped it off by saying she hoped that Olbermann would one day also have that pleasure, but added that she doesn’t have “high hopes” that it will happen.