Megyn Kelly Breaks Down After Telling Of Accident That Left Child In ICU

( Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly, who now hosts her own podcast, broke down on air recently when she shared a tragic story about her son being injured and sent to the Intensive Care Unit.

On Monday, Kelly said on The Megyn Kelly Show that her son Thatcher was involved in a skiing accident that left him injured. Kelly says that her eight-year-old son is already a talented skier, but injured himself when on an advanced run in Montana.

She said that he “did the run just fine” but that he was inspired by a cave-like structure on the mountain and decided to check it out during the run.

Kelly said that her son was with his instructor at a place where people like to hike to and take a break and that by the end of the day he was feeling tired and “apparently didn’t have the strength to make the climb.”

At that point, he fell. Kelly clearly got emotional telling the story – and you can see the clip below. She described how she got a call from her husband telling her that Thatcher was going to a hospital.

“And I get in the ambulance, he seems okay, he’s speaking, he says he fell ten feet and landed on some rocks while hiking up this part of the mountain, but he’s got an IV in him,” she said.

Kelly explained that her sone needed stitches and had “two severe lacerations to his spleen” – showing just how serious this fall was. Doctors described the incident as a “level three trauma.”

Thankfully, Thatcher is apparently doing well.