Meghan McCain On Being “Deprogrammed’ – “Go To Hell…”

(PresidentialWire)- Meghan McCain might not be a great Republican and her attacks against President Donald Trump have been controversial to say the least, but on Monday she hit out at Democrats over their disgusting calls for “deprogramming” conservative.

And it was awesome.

As the only fairly conservative member of the panel on ABC’s “The View,” McCain brought up the recent story that Democrats are increasingly calling for supporters of President Trump to be “deprogrammed.” She lashed out at Democrats, including those on the panel with her, for missing an opportunity to attract disenfranchised Republicans.

Which…almost sounds as though she’s trying to help Democrats, but let’s ignore that for a minute.

McCain also spoke about the topic on her Twitter account, saying that on the one hand, Democrats are calling for healing and unity, but on the other hand, calling for people to be deprogrammed.

“It’s arguably the most condescending language ever used towards 74 million Americans and that is a very, very low bar to break,” she said.

McCain made the comment on the same day that she took her co-host to task live on The View.

“In regards to Democrats, what’s interesting to me is just, I had sort of assumed after President Biden won that the feeling of unity and coming together would be something that would be happening, that Democrats would be wanting Republicans to come together with them to go forward,” McCain said.

“We’re hearing a lot of language from people like Katie Couric that Republicans like me need to be, quote, deprogrammed, that we’re brainwashed, that 74 million Americans are basically irredeemable people…I think it’s horribly dangerous for the country.”

It demonstrates McCain’s naivete and her belief that Democrats were being honest when they called for unity.

Joe Biden, who has repeatedly called for unity during his presidential campaign, signed dozens of executive orders in his first days as president which ranged from racist “positive discrimination” orders to cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline.

After destroying tens of thousands of jobs in a single executive order, it’s hard to see how Americans will unite around this new president.