Megan Fox Breaks Down Crying After World Criticizes Her For Letting 8 Year Old Son Wear Dress

( Did you know that actress Megan Fox is woke?

Like…super woke?

In case you missed it, in 2019, Fox told the world that her son was wearing dresses to school, that she supported it, and that she thinks it gives him “confidence.” But now, just a couple of years later, she has told the press how her eight-year-old son Noah is being exposed to “mean, awful people” and subject to “cruel” bullying from people online.

Here is the clip of Fox originally discussing her son’s love for dresses during an interview on “The Talk.”

During an interview with InStyle, she said that she hopes her son never reads what is said about him, because he already hears it from other kids at his school.

She complained about children telling her son “Bous don’t wear dresses.”

What does it say about Megan Fox when eight-year-old children have a better grasp of the world than she does?

Fox, who you may know from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Transformers movies, reportedly cried when she was asked by an InStyle reporter about her children.

The outlet described how Fox first apologized for crying, and then went on to explain how all she cares about is protecting her “babies.”

She even admitted that she sends her son to a “really liberal, like, hippie school” in California, but that even there, the children are telling him that he is wearing girl’s clothes.

Again, it seems like children have a better understanding of the world than Fox, and of the rest of California, if kids from the most liberal, left-wing parents are rejecting their woke nonsense.

Fox said her family is trying to teach her son to be more confident no matter what people say, but that he has “stopped wearing dresses for a while.”

Maybe that’s a good thing…