Media Silent After People On “Terror Watch List” Arrested At The Border

( Agents from the Border Patrol captured 23 individuals who crossed the Mexican border illegally in 2021. They were later placed on the Terrorist Watch List. What happened to the 23 migrants?
Mark Morgan, a former US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner and Chief of the Border Patrol, has significant concerns.
The actual issue we should be asking this government is, what did you do with the 23 persons you seized custody of from the Terrorism Screening Database?
During an interview, Morgan stated. “If they had been arrested, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies would have looked into it further.”
“Did you release any or all of them?” He inquired. “Did you take out any or all of them?”
According to Morgan, these migrants were on the TSDB indicates that they should have been submitted to extra screening. Their inclusion on the list demonstrates that officials suspect they have ties to terrorism.
That’s not the same as Known and Suspected Terrorists, or KSTs.
KSTs are “known or suspected terrorists” who would pay smugglers additional money to avoid being apprehended.
Border Patrol personnel apprehended almost two million migrants in the first year of this administration. According to Morgan, another 500,000 migrants escaped without being apprehended within the first year — 700,000 in the first 14 months.
Morgan wonders how many KSTs or other high-value targets we missed out on among the 700,000 get-aways in the first 14 months of this administration.
This is at the heart of the Biden administration’s fairytale, that you can be pro-border security and anti-illegal immigration simultaneously.
According to Morgan, several sector heads wanted to publicize the arrests, but the Biden administration promptly erased the material.
As Commissioner, he advocates for the release of this information.
“What exactly is this government attempting to conceal?” he concluded.