Media Ran A Trump Poll Without Revealing Major Details

According to a report, ABC and CNN polled their audiences to see whether they agreed with the decision to prosecute ex-President Donald Trump even though the allegations themselves hadn’t been made public yet.

Notwithstanding this uncomfortable reality, CNN and ABC nonetheless polled People on their opinion of the Manhattan DA’s choice to pursue Trump.

Wolf Blitzer announced on Monday’s The Situation Room that polling data from CNN would show how the public felt about the indictment of the former president.  David Chalian, CNN’s political director, joined Blitzer to explain the figures.

CNN commissioned SSRS to run a survey immediately after the indictment, and the findings are in, Chalian said. 60% of Americans polled believe that President Trump should be criminally charged. Forty percent are not in agreement.

The report noted that the poll failed to include the answer “not sure” for this question, despite the fact that it is the only reasonable response until the accusations are revealed.

Respondents were also questioned if they thought Trump’s alleged payment to Stormy Daniels was ethical, lawful, or improper or whether they weren’t sure.

It is important to mention that paying somebody to remain quiet about an alleged affair is not unlawful.

37% of respondents found the payment to be inappropriate.

The survey also inquired whether respondents believed politics had a part in the unseen indictment.  76% of respondents agreed, while just 14% disagreed.

An ABC News survey found that 45 percent of respondents favored the unseen indictment.

According to court records published on Tuesday, adult film actress Stormy Daniels is liable for more of Donald Trump’s legal fees.

Daniels owes former President Trump an extra $121,962.56 for legal expenses.  When her defamation action against Trump was dismissed, the court ordered Daniels to pay $300,000. Last year, a judge told Daniels she is still required to pay those fines. 

Daniels has previously said she would rather go to prison than pay Trump the money she owes him.