McConnell to Skip Infrastructure Bill Signing After Slam by Trump

( Unpopular Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell isn’t planning on attending the White House signing ceremony on Monday for the $1.2 trillion “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” which has been described as “bipartisan.”

The decision comes after former President Donald Trump took aim at McConnell for supporting the legislation in the first place, explaining how the infrastructure package contains funding for far-left social spending programs that have nothing to do with infrastructure at all.

McConnell told The Hill that he just has “other things” that he needs to do, but it’s a convenient and curious decision given how strongly he was criticized by Trump and Make America Great Again Republicans for supporting the legislation in the first place.

In a recent statement issued by his Save America PAC, Trump called McConnell an “Old Crow” and said that he “voted for a terrible Democratic Socialist Infrastructure Plan” and “induced others in his party to do likewise” despite being incapable of passing a better infrastructure plan that was put forward by the Trump administration.

Good point, right? McConnell can get behind a Democrat-backed infrastructure plan, but couldn’t get behind a Republican infrastructure plan that was more streamlined, efficient, and directed specifically towards infrastructure projects?

McConnell also told the Hill that the bill was “basically written in the Senate by a bipartisan group” and that he thinks it’s “good for the country.”

He also pushed back at accusations that the infrastructure plan was similar to the “Build Back Better” plan being put forward by the Democrats, which they plan on trying to pass without Republican votes by using the Budget Reconciliation process.

Either way – why is McConnell so easily able to pass Democrat legislation but struggled for four years to help the Trump administration pass more meaningful reforms?