McAuliffe Says Politicians Stay In Power Too Long

( Did you know this is the third time Terry McAuliffe has run for governor in Virginia?

The Democrat Clintonista launched an unsuccessful primary campaign in 2009, where he lost to Democrat Creigh Deeds. Deeds went on to lose the general election to Republican Bob McDonnell.

McAuliffe then ran again and won in 2013, defeating Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

With Virginia limiting the governor to only one term, McAuliffe left office in 2017 and was replaced by Democrat Ralph Northam.

And now, since he couldn’t run for reelection in 2017, Terry is back again to retake the governor’s mansion.

Funny thing is, back in 2009 when he was running in the Democrat primary, McAuliffe seemed to take issue with politicians who never leave public office. You know, politicians like Terry McAuliffe.

To be fair to McAuliffe, a lot of politicians talk about term limits when they really don’t mean it.

And that’s the thing. The governor of Virginia is term-limited to only one term. McAuliffe could prattle on about term limits in a race whose winner can’t run for reelection without looking like a hypocrite.

What makes McAuliffe look foolish is how quickly he rushed back in to run for governor again. Because Virginia doesn’t prevent the same guy from running again. It just prevents him from running for a second consecutive term.

And, really? Of all the stupid things Terry McAuliffe has said on camera, this bit about term limits is not the stupidest – not by a long shot.

Despite the outrage of Virginia parents over Critical Race Theory, just a month ago, this dope said this in a debate:

He really is condescending, isn’t he?

McAuliffe hopes bringing in Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will be enough to undo the damage he brought on himself.

But at this point, it doesn’t look like it’s working. Over the last week, poll after poll shows the race is either very, very tight or tied.

A Cygnal poll released over the weekend has the race tied at 48 percent. And what’s dragging Terry McAuliffe down? Is it a 2009 remark about term limits? No.

It’s his condescension toward Virginia parents. The Cygnal poll shows that among voters with school age children, support for McAuliffe has cratered. Currently parents of K-12 children prefer Youngkin over McAuliffe 56 percent to 39 percent.