Maxine Waters Goes Maskless On Cross Country Flight

( Last week, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters was spotted without a mask aboard a flight from DC to Los Angeles, despite the FAA requiring all airline passengers to wear a mask on planes.

An anonymous tipster took a photo of the Maskless Maxine and sent it to conservative news outlet the Daily Wire. According to the source, flight attendants were policing all the other passengers to make sure they were wearing their masks but said nothing to Maxine Waters. It wasn’t until the tipster pointed this out that flight attendants asked Maxine to put her mask on.

The tipster told the Daily Wire that Maxine spent at least an hour of the flight maskless. Even the flight attendants directly interacting with the maskless Maxine said nothing about her lack of a mask.

Meanwhile, the tipster suffered a nose bleed early on in the flight, so she pulled her mask down below her nose. In no time, the flight attendant came by and instructed her to put her mask back over her nose. So the tipster pointed at maskless Maxine and noted that she wasn’t wearing a mask. Finally, the flight attendant told Maxine to put on her mask.

When Donald Trump was president, Maxine was among those who constantly pitched a fit whenever Trump didn’t wear a mask in public. She accused him of being “dangerous” and claimed his refusal to wear a mask was an example of his “failed leadership.”

In a tweet in May 2020, Maxine blasted Trump for not setting an example for children by refusing to wear a mask and called Trump an “ignoramus” for not complying with COVID protocols.

But as radio host Jesse Kelly often says, the people telling us to worry about coronavirus are not worried about coronavirus.

It isn’t just that people like Maxine Waters don’t believe the rules apply to them; that’s only part of it. It’s that people like Maxine Waters know the rules are idiotic and don’t make a bit of a difference.

The COVID restrictions have never been about preventing the spread of COVID. They have always been about power and control.