Maxine Waters Bogusly Claims Trump Organized January 6th Events

( During Trump’s presidency, Congresswoman Maxine Waters was by far the most histrionic and irresponsible peddler of the phony “Russia Collusion” hoax. Waters appeared frequently on cable news to accuse President Trump of being a Russian asset and a tool of Vladimir Putin.

Her accusations, far more than even Adam Schiff’s, were so far afield from reality, it was almost as though Maxine believed she was living a plot from the old TV show “24.”

So it is hardly surprising that Maxine’s take on the January 6 melee at the Capitol is the stuff of conspiratorial fever dreams.

Back in February on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, Maxine told host Joy Reid that Donald Trump should “absolutely be charged with premeditated murder because of the lives that were lost with this invasion.”

Sadly, this kind of rhetoric is on the mild side for a crank like Maxine Waters.

On Saturday, Maxine turned up on Jim Acosta’s CNN weekend show and actually accused President Trump of planning and organizing the January 6 riot.

According to Maxine she has been “told” that organizing for the riot had been going on within the Trump campaign which is why Trump surrogates in Congress voted against the establishment of a January 6 Commission.

Surprisingly, Maxine was not wearing a tinfoil hat while she said these things.

Waters told Acosta that “I want you to know that these are real domestic terrorists.” She listed the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers and QAnon as the “domestic terrorists” in question.

“Where did the money come from to send busloads of people in?” Waters queried – naturally concluding, without a single shred of evidence, that the money trail leads back to the Trump campaign.

Watch Maxine’s insane appearance on Jim Acosta’s show HERE.

On Monday, Waters doubled down. In a tweet echoing her claim on Acosta’s show, Maxine flat-out accused the Trump campaign of paying over $2.7 million to help organize the January 6 melee.