Massive Lightning Strike Injures 18 People in Czech Republic

According to rescuers, 18 individuals were hurt on Sunday when a lightning bolt struck a tree at a castle park in the northern Czech Republic. The victims did precisely what not to do – they sought cover beneath the tree.

According to experts, the best course of action if you are outdoors during a rainstorm is to find a low area away from trees, fences, and poles.

The strike happened on Sunday afternoon at the Liberec-Vratislavice Castle Park, which is around 90 kilometers (55 miles) northeast of Prague, the capital.

According to Michal Georgiev, a local emergency spokesperson, there were 18 injured individuals on the scene, with seven of them suffering from serious injuries. Georgiev further stated that the victims had been sent to nearby hospitals.

Five adults required cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and a child was airlifted to a hospital in Prague, according to Vaclav Ricar, spokesman for the Liberec regional hospital, who spoke with AFP. They were all conscious, and none of the five experienced any burns.

On Saturday, the castle park was reportedly hosting an event in observance of International Children’s Day. Heavy rain and storms pounded the Czech Republic on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

One volunteer fireman was reported deceased, and another went missing on Sunday as a result of the heavy rains that triggered flooding in neighboring Germany during the weekend.

A tingling sensation or a tingling in the hair is a warning that lightning is imminent.

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