Mass Shootings At Another Nightclub With At Least 6 Victims

( In the early hours of Sunday morning, a shooting occurred at a Gary, Indiana, nightclub, leaving two people dead and four more injured.

Officers from the Gary Police Department were reportedly dispatched to the Playo’s Nightclub located in the 1700 block of Grant Street after receiving reports of shots being fired.

According to one neighbor, she heard between 30 and 50 gunshots in addition to people shouting.

When authorities arrived, they were told to find a man, 34 years old, who was unresponsive near the front door. After receiving gunshot wounds, he was sent to the hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead soon after. The individual was recognized as Jonte Dorsey, a resident of Joliet, Illinois, by the coroner for Lake County in Indiana.

Officers also reported discovering an unresponsive woman of the same age in the club. She was also taken to the hospital by ambulance.

According to the authorities, she was also pronounced dead. Jah’Nice Quinn, a resident of Merrillville, Indiana, was named as the deceased by the coroner for Lake County, Indiana.

According to the police report, a third victim was shot and is currently in critical condition at the hospital. The police reported that three additional people were shot, although their injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

At this point, no information has been made public on the events leading up to the shooting.

Cambri Shavon was attempting to escape the nightclub when shots rang out all around her, her phone was recording the incident.

She said getting out and avoiding being shot was all that concerned her.

Shavon said she went to the event with several friends to support another friend who was performing. She claimed that when she returned to her car, the wheel well had been hit by a gunshot. The bullet was still embedded.

She said she is simply grateful to be alive.

In 2017, police were called to the same address in response to a gunshot that resulted in a fatality at a club.

People who reside in the area say the sound of gunshots has been routine on the weekends. They have banded together to put an end to the establishment.

The investigation by the police is ongoing.

Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to call 219-755-3855 or the Crime Tip Line at 866-CRIME-GP.