Mass Shooting Plot Involving Illegals On July 4th Foiled By Law Enforcement

( After a “hero citizen” overheard a chat about the conspiracy and instantly informed the authorities, law enforcement officers in Virginia were able to detain two illegal aliens who were accused of planning a mass killing during a July 4 celebration.

Two illegal immigrants, Julio Alvarado-Dubon, 52, and Rolman Balacarcel, 38, were detained and charged with having a firearm as a non-citizen of the United States after police discovered a conspiracy to carry out a mass shooting at Richmond’s July 4 celebration on Monday. Richmond Chief of Police Gerald Smith said it was “frustrating” that someone could continue to breach the law and still have the chance to carry out mass murder. He responded to allegations that one of the suspects had been deported many times and kept coming back into the nation illegally.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Smith said that the shooting was averted thanks to a bystander who instantly alerted police after overhearing a chat about the plot.
Smith claimed that a mass massacre was being planned in Richmond, Virginia, according to a discussion that a brave citizen overheard while picking up the phone.

The Richmond City Jail is housing Rolman Balacarcel and Julio Alvardo-Dubon. Documents for Balacarcel cannot be accessible online, but according to court records, Dubon has a court date on August 1.

After police received the information from the worried citizen, they raided a property in Richmond and confiscated two guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Smith said they know what their intention was, but they don’t have a motive.

The event happened shortly after a man, 22, shot and killed at least seven people and injured scores more during a July 4 celebration in Highland Park, Illinois. Because his father co-signed his Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card, which gun owners in that state are required to have, the suspect was allowed to buy the weapons used in the assault.

Following the revelation that the suspect had been on law enforcement’s radar because of two incidents that occurred back in 2019, including the suspect’s attempted suicide followed by an alleged threat to “kill everyone,” months later, local law enforcement officials revealed that the suspect had already been on law enforcement’s radar.

According to reports, the suspect did not have a FOID card to revoke at the time of the event and did not have a current FOID application to refuse. The suspect filed for a FOID card in December 2019 at 19, with his father serving as his sponsor. At the time, the application was denied because Illinois State Police claimed there weren’t enough grounds to prove a clear and present threat.