Mass Shooter’s Secret Ties To “National Bolshevism” May Need To Be Investigated

( In a recent interview, author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon suggested that despite many mass murderers embracing the philosophy of national Bolshevism, the connection to this ideology is often overlooked when determining their motives.

In an interview with EpochTV’s “Crossroads,” Loudon said most mass murderers fall into two categories: the crazed young men with troubled lives and bad family backgrounds; and the young men who are politically and racially motivated.

The political/racial motivation is often fueled by national Bolshevism, Loudon explained.

Loudon defined this ideology as a combination of communism and Nazism. The communist Bolshevik philosophy with nationalist elements is very popular with some white supremacist groups, Loudon explained.

Loudon also pointed out that Nazism was widely regarded as a left-wing ideology before the end of World War Two. He added that many communists joined the Nazi Party and both ideologies were considered elements of the left. It was Stalin who described the Nazis as right-wing as a way to label opponents of the Soviet regime as Nazis.

Loudon claimed that the man who murdered ten people at the Buffalo supermarket last month was an open national Bolshevik who was inspired by the infamous New Zealand national Bolshevik, Brenton Tarrant, who murdered people at two mosques in 2019.

According to Loudon, both mass murderers moved from an internationalist, non-racial strain of the far left to a nationalist radicalized strain.

He said all national Bolsheviks have pro-Russian sentiments but that doesn’t make them Russian assets. Instead, they embrace the national Bolshevik philosophy as a way to bring down the United States by sparking a civil war.

“Lone wolf” national Bolsheviks are a lot like “lone wolf” terrorists who embrace the ideology of ISIS, Loudon explained.

Despite the media’s claims that such mass murderers are motivated by the far-right, Loudon said they aren’t. These murderers “explicitly hate America” and want a “worldwide socialist fascist system.”

Watch the interview HERE.