Mass Shooter Not A White Supremacist, Despite What The Media Suggests

( Last Tuesday’s horrific mass murder at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas prompted the usual response from the American corporate news, politicians, and denizens of social media.

Within no time, each group scrambled to find a way to pin the killer on their political opponents.

Because when someone murders 22 people, it is never the fault of the murderer, but political enemies.

It’s the NRA’s fault. It’s the fault of Republican politicians. And on and on it goes.

During a press conference last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott identified the mass murderer as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, a resident of Uvalde who, before beginning his rampage, shot his grandmother.

Ramos was from a broken home. His mother is a drug addict and his father was absent from his life.

What has been learned about Ramos in the days after the shooting makes it clear that there were countless red flags about this disturbed young man that went largely ignored.

Ramos had a history of making threats online, including threatening to kidnap, rape, and kill girls who shunned him. He also had a history of killing animals.

On Monday, the New York Post obtained a video of Ramos smiling broadly as he held up a bag of dead cats.

The video shows Ramos sitting in the passenger seat of a car holding up a plastic bag containing at least two blood-soaked cats.

It was learned last week that thirty minutes before Ramos shot his grandmother, he sent a message on Facebook saying he was going to shoot her. He then sent a message saying he shot his grandmother and that he was going to “shoot an elementary school.”

When a murderer is white, as in the case of the Buffalo shooting two weeks ago, the focus is on the murderer’s skin color. The media and politicians quickly smear all white people for the acts of one person.

But when the murderer isn’t white, as in this case, the focus shifts away from the murderer to the weapon he used. The media and politicians quickly smear all gun owners for the acts of one person.

Democrat lawmakers immediately seized on the semi-automatic rifle Ramos purchased legally to push for gun control legislation, from barring the sale of rifles to anyone under 21 to banning all semi-automatic rifles entirely.

By Memorial Day, President Biden was also calling for a ban on weapons that use 9 mm rounds.